1.200 x 900 x H.2.000 mm


up to 1,500/1,800 pcs/h


750 Kg

Electrical Absorption

1 kW

Pneumatic Consumption

600 Nl/h

Labelling machine Mod. T@G-20

The machine model T @ G-20 has been designed for slipping tags with wire on the neck of any type of bottle; with small technical modifications, moreover, the machine can be easily adapted to slip tags with an elastic band on any type of pottery jars (honey, marmalade, jams, etc.).

The operation of the machine is simple, intuitive and structured in phases, and each phase is combined with a processing station.

• In the initial phase of the machine cycle there is a stacker, that is a container in which the operator inserts the tags manually, and a mechanical device that lifts one tag at a time from a pile of tags and then transports them to the drilling unit.

• In the following phase we move on to the binding group, in this phase the thread is inserted and bound and will finally form the finished tag which will be slipped on the neck of the bottle.

• The transport and positioning phases of the bottle do not affect the duration of the machine cycle: by means of a special conveyor belt, the bottle is brought to a position that permits the correct intertion of the tag.

The strong point of this machine is its versatility: with small technical modifications it can be adapted according to the customer’s needs to various types of wire, tags and bottles.

All parameters and information are shown on the color Touch-Screen monitor, where the operator has the possibility to run the machine through a simple and intuitive menu.

Automatic forming and application of tags
From the stock, tags pass through the drilling operation and the subsequent insertion of the thin rope which is knotted and subsequently slipped on the neck of the bottle.