( L x L x H )
800 x 750 x 1250 mm

Lifting height

1.100 mm


150 Kg

Pneumatic Consumption

10 Nl x cycle

Maximum allowed load capacity

100 Kg

Tilting Lifting Machine SC-1150

The tilting lifting machine was designed to facilitate the operator during the loading phase of hoppers with bags containing corks or washers.

The supporting structure is made of painted steel sheet. The machine consists of a support trolley for the bag and a pneumatic cylinder which provides for lifting.

The machine is managed by the operator who places the bag, and gives consent both for the ascent with consequent overturning at the end of the stroke, and for the descent.

Special safety valves prevent the trolley from falling in the event of a lack of compressed air.
If it is connected to other machines, it allows to reduce operating times by guaranteeing the minimum effort on the part of the operator for loading and unloading operations.

On request, the machine can be made entirely of stainless steel.

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