LUB100 = 1.350 x 1.850 x 2.400 mm
LUB150 = 1.350 x 2.350 x 2.400 mm


LUB100 = 550 Kg
LUB150 = 650 Kg


• Wine corks:
LUB100 = 22.000 pz
LUB150 = 35.000 pz
• Champagne corks:
LUB100 = 11.000 pz
LUB150 = 18.000 pz

Installed electrical power

1 kW

Pneumatic Consumption

100 Nl min.

Lubrificating Machine LUB-100 and LUB-150

The machine consists of a sturdy frame with a self-supporting structure, entirely made of stainless steel, as is the drum which is intended to contain the corks to be treated.
The drum is built in perforated sheet metal, so as not to damage the corks but also to facilitate the fall of dust.

Everything under control: the PLC constantly checks that the lubrication process is carried out correctly, and the operator can interface with it with the help of a panel and also have the possibility to change the operating parameters.

The drum rotation speed is managed by inverter.

After that dust has been removed, the injection phase of the treating product begins. A nebulizer can be used for product distribution, and it can be fixed or mounted on a trolley to improve distribution.

Several components can also be managed or Silbione CAF treatments can be carried out (on request), while the quantity of product is defined by weight.

The drum rotation cycle and speed can be set from the keyboard, as well as the duration of the entire cycle and the direction of rotation. The drum can be easily extracted from inside the machine. The machine has a remarkable series of optionals, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

On request it is possible to equip the machine with a heating system.

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