( L x L x H )
13.000 x 2.500 x 5.550 mm

Production P/44

up to 18.000 pcs/h (Wine)

Production P/38

up to 16.000 pcs/h (Champagne)


20.000 Kg

Dimension of the bodies

Ø from 26 to 34 and H from 35 to 51

Installed electrical power

90 kW o 240 kW with electrical resistances

Pneumatic Consumption

200 Nl/min.

Corpocork P/38 P/44

This plant was designed and developed for the production of agglomerated corks. The original project dates back to 1986, and over the years technical updating has continuously taken place, to improve its functionality and increase the production.

In the P/38 version, the system can produce, using a special kit, both wine and champagne corks.
In the P/44 version the plant can produce wine corks up to a maximum diameter of 29 mm.

The programming and management of CORPOCORK has been simplified as much as possible thanks to the development of a simple and reliable management software.

Everything can be under control: all parameters and information are shown on the color Touch-Screen monitor, and from the monitor the operator can run the machine through a simple and intuitive menu.

Any wrong operation is signaled, as well as any alarms. On request, it is possible to interface auxiliary devices such as general silos, washer deposits, counting for shifts, etc.

In the extraction station, the corks once polymerized, are extracted from the mold. A special belt brings the corks out of the working area.

All valves are equipped with flow and pressure regulators.

The special geometry of the blades positioned inside the mixer allows a homogeneous mixture.

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