( L x L x H )
13.000 x 2.500 x 5.550 mm


up to 6.000 pcs/h


9.500 Kg

Dimension of the bodies

Ø from 23 to 33 and H from 35 to 56

Installed electrical power

20 kW o 110 kW with resistances

Pneumatic Consumption

400 Nl/min.


As on the Corpocork Machine, the molds are fixed on two parallel chains that rotate on pinions. Chains are closed on themselves in a ring.

Formation of the corks
The mold is filled with the grain contained in the volumetric drawers; during the filling phase from the drawers to the mold, the grain is pressed inside the mold and then it is kept under pressure by closing the mold. These operations are performed on one mold at a time.

Subsequently, molds advance with intermittent motion inside the polymerization oven, first entering the hot part, then the cold one.

Finally, after polymerizing the corks molds reach the extraction station, and here the formed corks are removed from the mold and taken out of the machine by means of a belt.

After a few cycles in which the mold is not used, it reaches the pressing station again.

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