( L x L x H )
700 x 750 x 1.600 mm


up to 16.000 pcs/h


1.250 gr.


0.1 gr.

Installed electrical power

9 kW

Pneumatic Consumption

4,5 Nl/min.

Centerless Grinding Machine for corks RT/3

The RT/3 machine is a centerless grinding machine for processing natural or agglomerated corks.
Operation is completely automated, thanks to the introduction of a small PLC, which also manages the counting of the pieces.

The machine is designed to be interfaced with other machines.

The structure of the machine is made with high thickness steel profiles, which give the machine maximum rigidity thus reducing vibrations to a minimum, which is often the cause of a non-optimal surface finish.

The motors up to 5.5 kW, one for each grinding wheel, allow large material removal in a single passage.

The large dovetail guides (with clearance register) guarantee maximum precision and rigidity.
Maximum attention has been given to all the aspects related to safety, as they must protect the operator, therefore the machine has been equipped with large dust extraction openings and wheel guards made with thick sheets, to ensure maximum protection of the operator.

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