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Automatic Heat Sealing Machine

Automatic Heat Sealing Machine


( L x L x H )
950 x 600 x 1.600 mm


175 Kg


5 x 800 mm

Compressed air consumption

4,5 nl x cycle

Installed electrical power

0,5 KW

Automatic Heat Sealing Machine 881+SO2

This version of impulse welding machine has been specially designed to create a vacuum and inject sterilizing gas inside the bag, before it is closed.

The structure is completely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel.

The automatic cycle is activated by means of a pedal button. The use of two sealing bars, in addition to an improved adjustment system, allows the variation of heat and welding time, as well as the adaptation of the machine to any thickness and material.
This allows to obtain perfect welding even on high thickness polyethylene.

The three timers are manageable by means of a special keyboard and regulate the times of vacuum, injection and welding.

The electrodes are completely free on the sides, so it is possible to weld any length in several steps. By welding by means of thermal pulses, the 881 heat sealer is always ready for use, does not require heating time and consumes very little energy only during the short welding time.

Maximum safety for the operator since the sealing bars work in low voltage.

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