Over 50 years of experience

Tuscany, a land rich in ingenious men and natural beauties, is the regione where in 1958 we establishment the company called Meacci Ferdinando & C. snc. Initially the activity was within the engineering sector and after a short period the firm was transformed into a mechanical workshop to mainly produce machines and accessories for the wine and olive oil sector.


Towards the end of the Sixties’, on the wings of the great boom in the footwear industry, the company moved to new premises with an area of approximately 4,500 square meters and started the construction of copying milling machines, i.e. machines specialized in the production of wedges for clogs and sabots. It is in this period that the company reached its maximum development by employing a staff of 40 people. At the end of the Sixties’, the company, thanks to the footwear sector, came into contact with the world of cork, thus gaining its first experiences in that sector and training on what would become its reference product.


At the end of the Seventies’ the clog sector begins its inexorable decline and it is at that point that our company begins to operate full time in the cork sector, especially with the industries dealing with the production of corks, thanks to the presence of cork industries in the area. The first machine to be developed and introduced into the market was a pneumatic selector for natural corks, a real revolution for the time. This machine boasts a production of over 300 units over time. Subsequently, Meacci srl placed other machines on the market, until in 1986 the functional prototype of the Corpocork machine was created: this is a plant for the production of agglomerated corks for champagne and wine bottles, which will have a notable development and success, so much that over 80 complete plants have been produced to date.


In 1997 our company started a new production site in Sardinia, in order to increase the production, but also to better follow its customers in the area. In September 2005 Meacci srl began a renovation plan, concentrating all its activities in the new location.


In September 2009, this modernization process led the company to take over the “Belluti Adriano” Company, a leader of the Italian market for welding machines, cork counting machines, lubricators, etc. In 2018 Meacci moved again, following the strong growth of the company. Today, year 2022, its staff numbers about 20 people.

A leading company in the cork industry

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Today Meacci srl manufactures technologies for various sectors: machines for processing cork or synthetic corks, equipment for making metal wire-hoods, hydro-extraction presses for industrial laundries, machines for producing floor mops, devices that apply tags on bottles or jars, construction of prototypes of special machines on customers’ request. The company has its own technical department for design and customization, equipped with 2D and 3D CAD stations, as well as a CAM technology for the creation of very special parts on its CNC machinery.

Quality Control

Almost the entire production of mechanical parts is carried out internally in a high-tech department; this allows to follow the production of all items step by step, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standard.

Objectives achieved

Thanks to the work experience gained over the years, we are recognized today for the remarkable technological development achieved, the many innovations made to the productions and the issue of some patents valid both at national and European level.

Tailor-made solutions

Meacci Srl has its own technical department for the design and customization of solutions tailored to the needs of its customers

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Model 231 and Ethical code

Meacci S.r.l., having understood and approved the spirit of the legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001, has felt the need to ensure conditions of correctness and transparency in the conduct of its business, to protect the position and corporate image and the personal work.